Welcome to Elizabeth's Website

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Welcome to my website! Here's an overview of the different parts.

Home - Where you are right now.

Blog - My blog. I post fairly regularly, at least once a month, so it's a good way to stay updated.

Bio - The part of the show where Elizabeth comes out and tells something about herself. Right now I just have a little something written for something else on there.

Guestbook - A place to sign your name and let me know you came to visit. Currently disabled on account of pond scum frequentation.

Quotes - A collection of some of my favorite quotes. Most recent quote was added 4/3/08.

Links - Left in German. Hehe. Actually, a collection of some of my favorite Internet links. Most recent link was added 6/30/07.

Chatroom - A place for talking with friends who are online at the same time as you. One of the things on my "So Cool" list.

Game - I made this text adventure game when I was younger (with much help from my talented father). By the way, at the end you type "enter market". Also, the link for going back to the home page does not go back to this page. Have fun!

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